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Some Soon To Have Items For Sale

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Posted May 06 2015 - 06:23 PM

OK first off want to say I am NOT sure if I am doing this correct or not, if I am wrong I don't mean to be, so if this post is not allowed, sorry and please delete
as I am not listing a price with these items, looking for offers, or better to sell in a packaged deal!
OK I am looking for possible buyers interested in two tractors, and some assorted implements for them.
 I am about to come into, through an estate settlement. in the very near future, and once its settled I will only have 30 days to remove items from the farm, and would like to just sell at that time than move items twice.
 The tractors are both IH Farmall's
 One is a Model H, with a wide front end, AT one time it had a homemade front end loader, but it got damaged back in the 70's and thus is MIA now> but still had hydraulic's on the front for a lift, tires are about 40% or less, hold air and work ok. I do NOT know if they are filled tires or not?
 just a draw bar on the rear.
 Tractor was bought new(not sure exact yr, but can find out yr of tractor as serial number plate is on tractor) But it was used on a dairy farm all its life, till about 1999, when I started to use it for making smaller food plots
Tractor runs fine, and in overall good condition, been stored since new under a 3 sided building.
 The next tractor is a IH 340, narrow front end, has quick hitch set up on back , with a draw bar also for the quick hitch, tractor also was bought new and kept in same 3 sided building since new, starts and runs fine, tires hold air, and are about 50%.
There are a several implements for either of these tractors, that have been again used the past 15-16 yrs for making food plots on this farm,, that I am also looking to sell
 I would love to sell everything in one lump sum, if possible, But can break up items if need be.
The implements are as follows
 there is a 5-6 ft sickle mower , in great shape,
a 6 ft box blade,(great shape) 
a JD 2 row corn planter,Works but missing lids) an older grain drill, (works fine but again is OLD)with steel wheels,
 there are two 8 ft tow behind disc's., one was rebuilt in 2013,  with slotted disc blades up front and smooth blades on the rear, very good shape and all new grade 8 hardware was used in the rebuild!
the  other  disc is in OK shape just rusty from sitting as it hasn't been used in many many yrs,
there is also a 9 ft wide drag spring harrow,  OK shape
and a 10 ft double row culti packer, in excellent shape!
 Last there will be a 1969 Chevy 3/4 ton 2x4 ,8 ft bed pickup truck  in excellent condition, also bought new and garage kept since new, with under 50,000 original miles on it, that I will be needing to sell as well
I can provide some pic's of the above items, But cannot have anyone come look at the items till estate is settled .
 As again I am placing this add in advance, as once I get the OK to sell, I will only have 30 days to move/remove all items from the farm, and trying to be pro active and have possible buyers  ahead of that time
 I appreciate your understanding here, and please feel free to ask me any questions or??
 be glad to explain better  if asked

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